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Buying a house is usually one of the most important financial decisions that anyone will make in their lifetime. Having a Realtor® working with you as your “buyer’s agent” when purchasing your home, commercial or investment property helps to make sure you have an experienced professional focused solely on your best interest throughout the process.

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The Theriault Team will work with you to make the process as profitable and stress-free as possible. For example, throughout the home buying process, many questions and emotions rise to the surface such as:
  • “Will this neighborhood be a good choice?”
  • “Is the school district the best for our children?”
  • “Do we really need all these upgrades?”

A buyer’s agent is a great resource to ask questions and get honest feedback. Buying your home or property can be emotional and exciting but should also be logical and grounded in solid research and facts. The Theriault Team will be there to help guide you to the best decision for you based on market expertise – and trusted partners.

In addition to understanding the local market conditions, and as your buyer’s agent, Debi can offer references for reliable, trusted partners for your other home buying needs such as lenders who can provide multiple financing options, ASHA certified inspectors and insurance companies.

financial considerations when buying a home or other property

Because this is such a big investment buyers should carefully consider all the variables such as taxes, mortgage insurance, HOA fees, and community development dues. It’s important to understand the monthly financial obligation beyond the just the “mortgage” on the property.
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One of the biggest regrets of those that buy a home or investment property is becoming “house poor”…ugh! In other words, they can afford the home but find there is no extra money to decorate, go on vacation, or fix repairs. Financial surprises can and will pop up, so finding the right balance between a “home budget” and your “life budget” is essential.

A quality buyer’s agent will walk you through these variables and can help you stay within a budget that works for you and your family. Take a look at the The 10 Commandments of Home Buying. – or top ten considerations during the home/property buying process (no we aren’t going to start a sermon, just having some fun).

Communication is the “key” to a successful home purchase

You know this is true in all things. Good communication creates better outcomes. That is why you have to keep an open, honest line of communication between you and your buyer’s agent throughout the home buying process. To start things off right, here is a general idea of how we will work with you to find the best property for you:
  • We will discuss in detail the type, size, style, and location of the property you are interested in purchasing including any other factors that should be considered such as school district or proximity to major roadways.
  • Armed with that information, Theriault Team will conduct extensive market research, and then together we will preview the homes or properties that make the cut!
  • Debi will always be on the lookout for new properties meeting your criteria and keep you informed through consistent communication as long as it takes to the find the right one for you.
  • Once you have found “the one”, Debi will negotiate with the sellers to get the best possible price and terms for the home you desire.
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And the best part? Realtor’s make their commission from the seller of the property so you get 25 years of market expertise, top-notch customer service and peace of mind at no additional cost to you! You feel like you’ve gotten a deal already, right?!

Next Steps to Buying your House

Now that you know the benefits of having a dedicated buyer’s agent by your side. Follow the next steps to buying your new house:
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